‘PLATO’S MIND’ Collection
The concept for this collection is based on Plato’s theory that there is a distinction between two worlds: the idea world and the actual reality. Our soul comes from the idea world and has knowledge of perfection. Because our soul is trapped in a restrictive body, us humans can only perceive an idea of perfection but we can never achieve this in reality. This, Plato’s theory, is with this collection applied to fashion because there is a general perfect idea of fashion: filled with glamour, beauty and creativity. The reality of fashion is a dark shadow that hides death and destruction. People close their eyes for this shadow and choose to focus on the perfect unrealistic idea of fashion.

Brand: UNRAVELAU – https://unravelau.com
Creative Direction: Laura Meijering & Jentie Youna Jelles
Photography: Jentie Youna Jelles
Model: Lotte Tuinstra & Luna
Styling: Laura Meijering
Hair & Make-up: Kimberley Lau