The [Lucid] Dreamer as Signature.

My (personal) work and my vision characterizes itself by recurrent elements in the search for aesthetic and beauty. It’s (mostly)colorful, involves symbolic meanings, feelings or even elements as most of my own project and ideas are coming from what I’ve seen in my dreams. Personal difficulties or cognitions go from question marks to explanation points during personal projects and are the stones for building these stories; playful in a mature way.

Signature vs Client needs.

Capturing fashion for me is a way to express myself and what makes me feel alive. A playground where I can use the elements around me to create, for a moment, new worlds and new stories. As far as creating goes for clients; ( Lookbook or campaign photography, stills, content creation or editorial ) I use my elements or keep them close to me while translating their needs into their visual expectations. This way of creating or collaborating is I believe most cohesive for both.

www.gupmagazine.com included Jentie’s work in their book of 100 upcoming photography talents. The book ‘NEW’ is published in 2014 worldwide.